Friday, 21 March 2014

Mantri Web City: A Web of Quality and Innovation

About Mantri Developers Review

When it comes to homes, there is no space for compromises. Mantri web city is not an ordinary project in that sense and has on offer a modern never-seen-before housing experience. Whether its researching on Mantri Developers review or getting in touch with the biggies of Bangalore real estate, Web city is a project that is slated to the home experience to the next level.

Conveniently located at Hennur main road, Bangalore means easy accessibility to key areas around Bangalore. Mantri Web city is a path breaking residential project in many ways, with its marriage of innovative technologies and luxurious, comfortable amenities. A thematic landscape, swimming pool, outdoor exercise area, health club, library, paved garden, ATMs, party area, convenience store, cafeteria and many more it offers affluence and rich luxury.

Mantri Developers Review Bangalore

With Tweet parks, web sculptures, solar dots, digital library, web rooms, social parks, glimp ideas and use of nanotechnology and robotics Mantri Web city promises to be a high technology and well networked residence making optimum use of technology for a convenient modern lifestyle.

To top it all, Mantri with its keen focus on green building norms, advanced security systems, rain water harvesting and in-house water softening plants builds up a secure and eco-friendly homeplace environment. Web city is a first of its kind housing space for the techno-savvy trendsetters and is a mix of modernity and sustainability.