Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MANTRI SIGNATURE VILLAS: Elegant Classy & Luxurious

Every common man dreams of his/her life to be a luxurious one. Mantri Developers reviewing this need has developed 83 striking villas in the beautiful city of Chennai. The list of amenities is simply endless: “The Clover” clubhouse with the richness of so many amenities such as health spa, gymnasium, swimming pool, table tennis court, TV room, convenience room etc. Each villa type has its own distinct qualities- Villa Oleander with beautiful pond welcoming you, Villa Gladio with individual terrace and pool, Villa Diautha with private elevator.

The comforts of a large swimming pool, children’s play areas, and embellished gardens are all an icing on the cake. Its social obligations have been diligently fulfilled by the Mantri Developers. Water is fully treated through its treatment plant, sewage treatment plant is of adequate capacity, rain water harvesting facility will be operational. The structure of the villas has been built keeping earthquake safety norms in mind. Trained security personnel will patrol the project area and CCTV surveillance will enhance the security of the area. Painting, plastering everything will be done with excellent quality emulsions and POPs.

Kitchens, which form the heart and soul of a house have been designed to provide the best quality comforts to the owners. Provision of water purifiers, dish washers, gas cylinders will be ensured.  Someone said,” Smart people choose comfort over luxury”. Mantri Signature Villas provide you with LUXURIOUS COMFORTS….